Five Survival Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Having the ability to be home with your kids can be a blessing. Being home can also be one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have. They say the days are long and the years are short. Some days can feel really long when you are a stay at home mom. As someone who came from heavy duty, structured career to being at home with my kids it was a major transition. I assume it might be the case for most moms who decide to stay home. After being home four years here are five tips that have helped me get through those long days. See my five tips below:

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Don’t Do Network Marketing Until You Read This – Eight Key Criteria for Evaluating a Network Marketing Opportunity

There are many network marketing companies out there.  I’ve used the lens of my experience in marketing strategy to analyze what a constitutes a good network marketing company.  While there are many ways to evaluate an opportunity, these are the eight key factors I’ve found that can impact the potential of success. Of course, hard work, determination, and other internal factors are inherently critical.  Today I am focusing on external factors.  Ensuring you place your bets on the right horse will give you the long term runway you need. That said, let’s dive right into the top seven criteria.

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Digging out of the Darkness – Five things that helped me Manage my Postpartum Depression.

A Bundle of Joy

A baby is called a bundle of joy, but sometimes along with that joy is a host of emotions like desperation, loneliness, anxiety, or fatigue (just to name a few).  I am someone who struggled with depression for years.  I knew getting hit with postpartum depression was a real possibility.  It wasn’t until I was deep into it that I even recognized what was happening.   This is a subject that is raw, and real, but I am hopeful that more women can feel confident in talking about this issue.  The goal being those who are struggling know they are not alone.   

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