Five Survival Tips for Stay at Home Moms

Having the ability to be home with your kids can be a blessing. Being home can also be one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have. They say the days are long and the years are short. Some days can feel really long when you are a stay at home mom. As someone who came from heavy duty, structured career to being at home with my kids it was a major transition. I assume it might be the case for most moms who decide to stay home. After being home four years here are five tips that have helped me get through those long days. See my five tips below:

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Don’t Do Network Marketing Until You Read This – Eight Key Criteria for Evaluating a Network Marketing Opportunity

There are many network marketing companies out there.  I’ve used the lens of my experience in marketing strategy to analyze what a constitutes a good network marketing company.  While there are many ways to evaluate an opportunity, these are the eight key factors I’ve found that can impact the potential of success. Of course, hard work, determination, and other internal factors are inherently critical.  Today I am focusing on external factors.  Ensuring you place your bets on the right horse will give you the long term runway you need. That said, let’s dive right into the top seven criteria.

Growth chart and growth potential

#1 – Growth Potential of Network Marketing Company

This is one of the most important of all the factors. If you join a company at the tail end of growth it will make your job much harder. However, if you are in a growing category and company you can ride that wave. Evaluate the category trends and the company growth plans. What is the consumer behavior around the products and what are the companies longer-term plans for expansion?

Woman eating parfait - consumable

#2 – Consumable Products

So consumable can have a few meanings, but for this purpose, it’s something that is likely to become a repeat purchase. For example, if I’m a grocery store customers come back on a regular cadence because they need more food. If I sell engagement rings in a jewelry store you aren’t likely to get the same people coming back week after week (at least I hope not). If you are selling a consumable product it will increase your chance of recurring customers which strengthens your business.

Working remote - coffee and laptop

#3 – E-commerce Element

With giants like Amazon, more people have come to expect the ability to easily purchase products online and have them delivered to your door. Not having an online presence for your business can be crippling. You will be more limited to your personal time if you need to go to set up product to sell. Also, an e-commerce store removes you from the burden of carrying inventory and shipping. Having high touch customer interaction is still critical, but the more equipped you are to manage logistics and orders online the better. This also sets you up to work from anywhere on your own term. Flexibility is likely one of the reasons you are interested in network marketing in the first place. Having a digital business allows you to operate from anywhere.

Four star review high quality

#4 – High-Quality Products

I remember sitting in a branding meeting with one of the largest food companies in the world. As they peeled back the onion on the core of their brand strategy, at the center of everything they had two words: quality products. At the heart of everything they did, they started with a solid, quality product. Without that you don’t have a brand, you don’t have anything was what they said. This was fascinating, but a solid reminder to ensure whatever you plan to sell is the best quality and will create raving fans. Many network marketing companies fit these criteria. Unfortunately (although I am not here to knock any specific companies), there are some that are not known for quality products so it’s definitely something to evaluate.

#5 – Solid Branding of Network Marketing Company

Pepsi Cola bottle

Here’s a scenario, you can partner with Pepsi or No Name soda B. Making that choice is a no brainer right? There is a reason big companies spend a fortune on marketing and branding. Consumers need to know, like and trust before they want to buy. The top of the purchase funnel is awareness. The short story is, having a strong brand and brand story will go a long way to building consumer confidence. The more confident a consumer is in your brand the more likely they will be to make a purchase. Think about the brand you are joining. Is it well regarded? Are there strong assets you can leverage? The only brand piece that can be a bit deceptive is awareness. I’m of the opinion that a lower level of awareness can be a positive factor when joining a company as it shows strong potential.

Origami boats

6 – Quality of Leadership

Even though you will be an independent contractor, don’t dismiss the need for strong leadership. Look at not only the quality of the leadership but how you fit within the vision. Do you see yourself in this company is what they stand for something you can fully get behind? Similarly to if you were interviewing for a role in a Fortune 500 company I would take some time to read-up on the leadership of the network marketing company you are interested in joining.

blue globe

#7 – Global Expansion

Going global is exciting in the product world and ties back to growth. The goal will be for you to market a product that is only in a few countries but has plans to expand. Just ensure that you will have the opportunity to reap the benefits and take advantage of that expansion. Try to understand what market expansion plans the company has for the future.

lightbulb and hands innovation

#8 – Marketing Innovation

I like to think of innovation as the difference between kayaking in a lake or a river. In a lake, it’s going to be fun for a while, but eventually, the scenery is pretty much the same, it’s flat water and it gets less exciting. In a river you might have rapids breathing new energy and excitement into your journey, the scenery is changing over time. I don’t know about you, but a river sounds more appealing to me (admittedly I’m a whitewater kayaker). Innovation will breathe new life into your business. It’s the same reason there are 15 types of Mountain Dew or why there are new colors of iPhone. Innovation gives you new reasons to talk about your business and a larger breadth of products to appeal to your customers. Does the company you are evaluating have a solid roadmap of innovation and product line expansion over the past year?

That’s the list. I’d love to hear if there’s anything you think I’ve missed. I would also be happy to look at any opportunities you are evaluating. Feel free to contact me here.


Digging out of the Darkness – Five things that helped me Manage my Postpartum Depression.

A Bundle of Joy

A baby is called a bundle of joy, but sometimes along with that joy is a host of emotions like desperation, loneliness, anxiety, or fatigue (just to name a few).  I am someone who struggled with depression for years.  I knew getting hit with postpartum depression was a real possibility.  It wasn’t until I was deep into it that I even recognized what was happening.   This is a subject that is raw, and real, but I am hopeful that more women can feel confident in talking about this issue.  The goal being those who are struggling know they are not alone.   

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A Fun Family Weekend at the ​Oregon Coast

Few places are more fun for a family getaway than the Oregon coast.   The coast is majestic, ruggedly beautiful with vistas mixed with small towns along the way.  There is so much the Oregon coast has to offer, but I’m going to focus on a family-friendly itinerary on the central part of the coast.   Here is how my family would spend a weekend away to make the most of a coastal adventure. 

We will start our adventure in Newport, one of the larger cities on the coast and a core tourist destination.  Home of The Oregon Coast Aquarium, multiple lighthouses, Yaquina Bay, and Rogue Ales headquarters.  From there we will head North and hit a few more highlights. 

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Ten things delivering baby

Ten Things No​ One Tells You About Delivering a Baby.

One word of caution, this post has some raw (and somewhat embarrassing details) on the realities of childbirth based on my personal experiences. The actual birth of my first son was challenging to say the least. Some details I share here are unpleasant (that’s one way to put it I guess).  I honestly wished someone had told me the more gritty details before my first baby so I was better prepared mentally.

Sidenote – if you are in the process of packing for the hospital definitely check the top ten items you must pack

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