Taking a Leap of Faith

This is the beginning of a new journey.  It’s exciting, but as with any big change it takes a leap of faith to move forward from what is comfortable. There are a few times in my life where I’ve taken some big risks, often with bigger rewards.

 First leap of faith:  The first big one probably looked a little crazy from the outside when I decided to leave my life in Seattle, sell my place (and an excellent job as a marketing Director at a big tech company) to move to SF to be with my then boyfriend.  Since I had time off for my first time in 15 years I took the opportunity to travel to all the places that were on my list, but I hadn’t had the chance to visit.  Did I have a travel partner – no.  Was going to countries on my own that were out of my comfort zone scary – yes!   In the end I ended up married to the guy I moved for (and now have a young son as well) and managed to go to all the continents except Antartica (still on my list).  Needless to say the rewards well outweighed the risks.

 Second leap of faith:   After having my son  I was dreading the Bay Area commute paired with having my son in daycare all the time.  My cousin reached out to about her business (Rodan + Fields) when she started in 2010.  At the time I was focused on my corporate marketing career and I did’t feel like it was the right fit.  After seeing my how moms I knew were turning their Rodan + Fields consultancies into a full time income the opportunity was too good to ignore.  Now I am loving having the flexibility to be home with my son, ability to still utilize my marketing experience to make an income and having an incredible network of support in the process.   I have no doubt the reward will easily eclipse the risk and the upside is unlimited.

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