Pinspiration – grow your business with Pinterest

There is so much opportunity with Pinterest.  Aside from everyone you know probably using it for decorating tips, recipes, and wedding planning it is also a good business tool.   According to the LA times, “Pinterest currently has 70 million monthly active users, and the total number of pins on the site is growing 75% year over year”.  It also skews heavily female which is a bonus for those in the business of beauty.

So how do you maximize this fun-to-use tool? I still have a lot to learn (and just bought a new book on Pinterest), but here are five basic tips:

  • Pin daily – if you do even five pins a day it will help showcase your pins.

  • Clearly categorize your boards – Make many separate boards with relevant topics.

  • Comment on all pins you post using relevant text.  Even better create your own images others can share.

  • Ensure your pins link back to you.

  • For other basic tips I highly recommend this article by Amy Lynn Andrews:  Over 35 Pinterest Tips or for more advanced tips this article by Mitt Wray is a good resource (although a few years old):  20 Pinterest Tips and Tricks You Might Not Have Discovered 

In addition if you are a numbers junkie like me you can change your profile to a business page and get a host of stats on how your pins and pages perform as well as tracking any traffic back to your website.

There will be more to post on this topic soon – in the interim here is my board to share + happy Pinning!

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