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Ten things delivering baby

Ten Things No​ One Tells You About Delivering a Baby.

One word of caution, this post has some raw (and somewhat embarrassing details) on the realities of childbirth based on my personal experiences. The actual birth of my first son was challenging to say the least. Some details I share here are unpleasant (that’s one way to put it I guess).  I honestly wished someone had told me the more gritty details before my first baby so I was better prepared mentally.

Sidenote – if you are in the process of packing for the hospital definitely check the top ten items you must pack

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Having a Baby? – Ten Key Items to Pack for the Hospital or Birth Center

When having a baby (especially the first time) there is so much to prepare.  I never felt fully prepared and despite reading too many books never felt like I knew what to expect (even after reading “What to Expect” cover to cover).  An area that did help me tremendously was finding lists from other mothers who’d been through it before and lended their advice from real life experience.

Baby picture
The best item I brought to the hospital.   

Although this isn’t exhaustive I pulled together my top ten list of items I would ensure to pack for the hospital.

After two births and hospital stays I had my own opinion and also gathered some feedback from other mamas.   I am keeping it to ten for simplicity, but everyone has their personal preferences as well.   If I could only bring ten items this is what they would be.

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