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Don’t Do Network Marketing Until You Read This – Eight Key Criteria for Evaluating a Network Marketing Opportunity

There are many network marketing companies out there.  I’ve used the lens of my experience in marketing strategy to analyze what a constitutes a good network marketing company.  While there are many ways to evaluate an opportunity, these are the eight key factors I’ve found that can impact the potential of success. Of course, hard work, determination, and other internal factors are inherently critical.  Today I am focusing on external factors.  Ensuring you place your bets on the right horse will give you the long term runway you need. That said, let’s dive right into the top seven criteria.

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AnyList – The Meal Planning App That Saved my Sanity

Meal Planning doesn’t have to be hard.  Have you heard the question what’s for dinner and had not clue what you could make?  Or if you just got back from the grocery store only to find you now had two apple juices, but forgot milk?  I was a fly by the seat of my pants shopper which worked fine when I was living alone.

 Fast forward and add in two little ones in the mix and a variety of grocery needs my “strategy” if you can call it that was not working and turning into going to the grocery store three or more times a week (who has time for that)?

Grocery store
This was too frequent of a view 
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Three Ways to Increase Productivity When Working From Home

When working in an office setting the central calendar can dominate your day.  My days in marketing were frequently a navigation of finding nooks and crannies to do my actual work between pre-set back to back meetings.

After years of having my calendar dictate the day making the transition to working for myself from home required new methods to manage my time.  Now instead of working between meetings, it was finding time to dedicate between taking care of my kids.  It’s easy to want to curl up on the couch or do laundry during nap time, but these three productivity tips can help you keep on track.

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