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Listen how after a career in corporate America, I traded in business casual for PJ chic and founded her own brand, Pajama Marketer to stay at home with my two young sons.


Lesa is one of my go-to marketing consultants I refer people to because she truly cares about her clients and their success, and it shows in every step of the client experience. With years of experience creating massive campaigns for household names like T-Mobile and Oberto, she brings the same innovation, resources, and impactful results to small businesses positioned for growth. The opportunity to have access to her background, network, and diverse skill sets are a no brainer. If you’re thinking about working with Lesa, don’t second guess it. 

-Ellen Yin, Founder – Cubicle to CEO

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Your Top Savvi Questions Answered

Please note when you buy something using the links in my posts we may earn a small commission.  I am a Savvi brand partner and these are my personal opinions. Below you will find your top Savvi Questions Answered. Have other questions – send me a note via the chat...

Podcast Episode – Cubicle to CEO Feature

Podcast Episode - Cubicle to CEO FeatureListen below to hear my interview on the Cubicle to CEO Podcast.   "I’m so thrilled to have my good friend and former client - Lesa Banks - on the show. Lesa is a former Fortune 500 marketer who successfully managed 9...

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