The Day I Knew Something had to Change (Video)

The day I knew something had to change I’d been laid off (three days after coming back from materinity leave). In the process of interviewing for new roles I came to a realization. Have any of you had a moment where you knew something needed to change? What did you do to make that change happen?

A Perfect Day in Willamette Valley Wine Country

Looking for a change of scenery (even if it means traveling an hour north) we headed to the heart of Willamette Valley wine country for a quick getaway.  Fall in the Willamette Valley is beautiful.  The heat of Summer has left, but it’s not cold.  The air is fresh and earthy and it’s the one time of year you get some contrast of color to all the green.  Also for those who live here, the rain hasn’t fully set in.  This is the time where you aren’t sure how you are going to make it through the months of grey skies ahead.

It was my Husband’s birthday so we decided to celebrate up in the Dundee area in the heart of Oregon wine country.  We technically live in wine country, but this is where most of the action is if you are looking for a lot of wineries in a close proximity.  Our day started by checking in to our hotel in Dundee at the Inn at Red Hills.   We stayed here because it was central, and the spot for flexible pick up with the NW Wine Shuttle which I pre-booked online.

Next we hopped on the shuttle which had multiple stops in a hop on, hop off format every half an hour.  We had our stops mapped and were ready for some pinot.  The shuttle was great overall and I loved having an option that was flexible.

Wine Tasting

Our first stop was Domaine Serene.  It sits on a hill and is a grand main building.  I was not expecting something this fancy honestly since a lot of Oregon wine country is low-key, but it is a stunning property.   The views from the bar are spectacular and although it was busy they have plenty of seating indoor and outdoor.

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The Easiest, Three Ingredient Trader Joe’s Dinner (Even Your Kids Will Eat This)

Do you ever spend a long time cooking dinner only to have it not turn out or your family (or yourself) less than thrilled with the results?  This is my go to dinner hack when I want something easy, don’t want a lot of dishes and can guarantee everyone will finish their plate.  Even better there are a whopping three ingredients (you could even make it from all frozen and keep the ingredients on hand).  The secret is Trader Joe’s pasta which is always surprisingly delicious.  My very favorite is their gnocchi al gorgonzola.  It cooks up nicely, and even if you aren’t a gorgonzola fan it comes out more like a mild creamy white sauce than heavy gorgonzola flavor.

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