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The Athleisure Wear You Haven’t Heard of (Yet) Savvi Fit

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 You can call it athleisure, you can call it workout gear or maybe I slept in this and don’t want to get off my couch gear. I like to call it athleisure – heavier on the leisure than the athlete part. Regardless I live in leggings and sports bras and given 40% of clothing sales are projected to be in this category if you love them too you aren’t alone.
I’m also super picky specifically with leggings.  Having the right mix of compression (the two babies in the past five years kind), comfort and style was the holy grail of leggings. I love some of the Lululemon items for their quality and Outdoor voices for the knit and style.
Fast forward and I’ve discovered a brand new athleisure wear brand in this space – Savvi Fit. It’s likely given it just started in Jan you haven’t heard of it (yet).  Their clothes have premium quality, fit beautifully, have the right compression (and sizes up to 3x), and are comfortable.  I’ll share some of my all-time favorites below.  Have you tried this new brand? I’d love to hear what you think.
There is also a unique opportunity to help be one of the first to pioneer this new brand.  You can learn more here. 


Savvi Leggings

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Now Hiring Brand Ambassadors

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