The Best Savvi Leggings and Bras

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If you are new to Savvi you might be wondering what are the best leggings and bras to try. With any line, there are always customer favorites.  I pulled my personal favorites as well as the items that consistently get the best feedback.  See my top ten picks below. Note, sometimes our most popular items sell out, so if you want a different reccomendation feel free to reach out via chat. If you want to learn more about the Savvi brand see my Q&A post here.


Savvi Sskin Leggings

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Pick #1 – Swallow Sports Bra

This is one of those bras that is comfortable enough for daily wear (working out or not).  The swallow bra has thinner straps, a supportive band, and comes in multiple beautiful color options.  Note this bra does run on the smaller side. 

Pick #2 – Ashtanga Set

This set is a dream.  It’s a gorgeously detailed textured knit fabric.  Super comfortable and flattering. I especially love the level of compression, the shape of the bra and the high waist in the leggings. 

Pick #3 – Geo Leggings & Bra

These leggings are a great mix of compression and comfort.  The material is sleek and they have a no-slip, high waistband.  My favorite feature is the pockets on both sides that easily hold a phone.  Note some of our most popular items sell out so if you can’t find them and want a similar recco simply reach out to me. 

Pick #4 – Sskin Leggings

Everyone loves these leggings.  They are silky soft and come in a wide range of colors and always classic black.  You also can find them both full length and cropped.

Pick #5 – Dove Sports Bra

The Dove Sports bra is a top pick both for its style but also because it offers support for high impact. Perfect for any kind of workout and offered an array of colors. 

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